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White House Privacy Bill of Rights Is A Giant Leap Forward

I was going to write a nice long review of the President’s new privacy initiative released last week.  But then I found Ryan Singel’s article on and realized everything I wanted to write was already covered.  Just head over … Continue reading

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Is Your Computer Password Protected by the 4th Amendment or the 5th or Neither?

Can the government compel you to provide your computer password if they think there is illicit material stored in an encrypted part of the hard drive?  If there was ever a case when it seemed like the Constitution was no … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Virtual Horse Case, Amaretto Ranch v. Ozimals

When Judge Frank Easterbrook disparaged the emerging field of cyberspace law in 1996 by comparing it to the “law of the horse,” i.e. that there was no such thing, it’s unlikely that he ever imagined that there would one day … Continue reading

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The Biggest Lie Ever

Speaks for itself…

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