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Happy 7th Anniversary to World of Warcraft!

Congratulations are in order.  Starting today, Blizzard is marking the seventh year since the renowned virtual world, World of Warcraft, began consuming all the free time of millions of people across the globe.  It’s quite an achievement for any service, … Continue reading

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The Battle Over SOPA Heats Up

This is really just a post telling you to go read this story from the Marketplace Tech Report this morning and a similar one on the Marketplace Morning Report.  They’re about the new online piracy bill working its way through … Continue reading

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U.S. Government’s Open Source Center Uses Power of Social Media to Track Political Unrest

Have you ever thumbed out a tweet or Facebook post thinking to yourself, ‘this is so narcissistic, no one will ever read this or care about it if they do’?  Maybe not, or maybe you’re so into yourself that you … Continue reading

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