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RedZone, Second Life IP Address Detection Tool, Runs Afoul of New SL Policy, EU Data Privacy Law

In an odd turn of events that is all too common online these days, an ingenious system created for Second Life land holders to reduce incidents of harassment and abuse by malicious griefers has itself turned out to be a … Continue reading

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Social Media Continue to Power Protests Around the World

It’s clear by now that social media alone did not topple Hosni Mubarak in Egypt or Zine al Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia, but they played an important role in mobilizing support and spreading the word to others that they, … Continue reading

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Second Life Litigation Update: Court Denies Plaintiffs’ Request to Shift Forum to Pennsylvania

About two weeks ago, after more than eight months of exchanging motions and responses, hearings and arguments, both sides in the Second Life land dispute case were dealt a substantial victory and crippling blow in a ruling by the U.S. … Continue reading

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Fascinating Dialog About the Future of Virtual Worlds from User’s Perspectives

I came across two blog posts that started a very interesting discussion.  The first post, from Mitch Wagner on Copper Robot, was called “Why I hardly ever go on Second Life anymore,” discussing, well, why he doesn’t go on Second … Continue reading

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Is Internet Access a Human Right? Reflections in the Wake of the Egyptian Protests

Is access to the Internet a universal human right that should be recognized by the United Nations?  This question, buzzing around the world this week, is certainly one that I hadn’t thought of at length until now, so I posed it to … Continue reading

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