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Everyone’s worried about privacy these days, but it turns out there’s not just one kind of privacy, and joining a virtual world can have an impact on all of them.

Don’t Worry: HuffPo Blogger Gets Facebook’s Messenger App Terms of Service ALL WRONG.

Facebook has recently spun off its popular messaging service into a standalone app. That’s probably a good thing because it was exceedingly clumsy to access messages in the most recent versions of the app (at least on Android).  Facebook has been trying … Continue reading

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Facebook Site Governance Vote

There are only a few more hours left to get your vote in for Facebook’s site governance vote on the company’s proposed Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Data Use Policy.  I’ve reviewed the changes and they make a lot of … Continue reading

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Netflix Settles Class Action Privacy Lawsuit

This week, Netflix chose to settle a pesky class action lawsuit alleging that it violated the Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988.  You’re probably wondering what egregious violation got them in this hot water, but it’s actually barely a crime … Continue reading

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Phone Cramming: Hackers Hijack Technology Designed to Help Earthquake Victims

EDITOR’S NOTE: A recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project reports that, of the 88% of Americans with smart phones, 55% of them use those phones to get online. This means that smart phones are rapidly becoming a major … Continue reading

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Court Orders Juror to Reveal Facebook Posts Made During Criminal Trial

I found a very interesting case in my daily Westlaw feed the other day that raised some important points about the line between privacy and the right to a fair trial. The opinion by the California Court of Appeals, Juror Number … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Arizona Legislature Pulls Back H.B. 2459

Notice to all you comment trolls, Facebook ‘stalkers,’ and general miscreants on the web: the Arizona law that would make it a crime to “annoy” or “offend” someone through the use of “any electronic or digital device” has been recalled … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech On the Internet Is Under Attack, Again

Two stories I heard on the news in the last 24 hours makes me wonder if I accidentally mistook my Hyundai for a souped up DeLorean and drove it to 88 mph. Why the time machine references? Because two proposed … Continue reading

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