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Proposed Bill Would Outlaw Facebook Account Access As Employment Requirement

Last night in class, we were discussing privacy issues, which is always a hot topic. Someone raised the very disturbing news that employers have begun to demand access to applicants’ Facebook profiles as a condition of considering them for a … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Violence in Sports: When to Break the Magic Circle

Last weekend, I was working late and looking for some distraction when I came across a disturbing story about a  football team paying its players to deliberately injure opponents on the field.  As with most news released late on a … Continue reading

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Move Over Sudoku; Studies Show Virtual Worlds Can Be Good for Your Brain

A recent story on reported on a new study about the effects of playing massively-multiplayer online games on one’s cognitive abilities. Conducted on a small sample group of 39 adults between the ages of 60 and 77, the study … Continue reading

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Google Values Your Privacy at $.0543 Per Day

Are you looking for a way to get rich?  This isn’t the place for that; but if you are into over-sharing, this is definitely the program for you.  Starting today, you can sign up for Google’s new trend survey program … Continue reading

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