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FTC Clears Employers to Check Facebook Profiles of Potential Employees

You knew this day was coming.  We’ve known that for several years, employers have been scouring the web looking for embarrassing or illegal activities that would disqualify job applicants.  Now, things you post on your Facebook profile are completely fair … Continue reading

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Google+: All the Sharing of Facebook, Now with 100% less Zuckerberg

Last week, Google announced its long-awaited answer to Facebook: Google+.  The new social networking service debuted (as an invitation-only beta), along with a refresh of the look and feel of Google’s signature products like Search, Gmail, Maps, etc.  I’m still … Continue reading

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Digital Afterlife – What happens to your data after you die?

Hi everyone.  I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks and blog neglect is a definite consequence.  Ironically, it fits pretty closely with the story I was going to write about today, based on an article from the BBC that … Continue reading

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Virtual World Integration and Social Networking

An interesting idea came up in my class last week about the future transportability of virtual world avatars into other virtual worlds.  For years this has been one of the elements of a utopian virtual future, where all avatars have … Continue reading

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