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Is Your Bank Tracking Your Movements: Bait and Switch Journalism Wants You To Think So

I received a link to this story from Huffington Post this morning with the apparently outrageous news that Ally Bank was somehow tracking its customers’ movements and using that information to bolster its profit margins.  This seems like a major … Continue reading

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If the ECPA Was a Person, It Could Rent a Car…

This week marked the 25 anniversary of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the 1986 law that forms the basis of digital privacy in America.  Written broadly to anticipate new forms of technology, it is nevertheless showing its age.  If measured … Continue reading

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Facebook Sued Over Off-Line Tracking

I realize I’ve become one of those bloggers who goes for days weeks at a time with no updates.  I have no excuse.  I’m working on a new post that should be up in a few days.  In the mean … Continue reading

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FTC Clears Employers to Check Facebook Profiles of Potential Employees

You knew this day was coming.  We’ve known that for several years, employers have been scouring the web looking for embarrassing or illegal activities that would disqualify job applicants.  Now, things you post on your Facebook profile are completely fair … Continue reading

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Google+: All the Sharing of Facebook, Now with 100% less Zuckerberg

Last week, Google announced its long-awaited answer to Facebook: Google+.  The new social networking service debuted (as an invitation-only beta), along with a refresh of the look and feel of Google’s signature products like Search, Gmail, Maps, etc.  I’m still … Continue reading

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A Real “Virtual Currency” Emerges: Could BitCoins Threaten “Real” Currencies?

I’ve talked fairly often on this blog about the trade of virtual goods and virtual currencies in virtual worlds such as Second Life or Facebook.  While novel, neither of these elements are legally what they claim to be.  With respect to virtual … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Tools Available to Counter zF Redzone Alt Detection Tool

A few months ago, I wrote about a highly controversial program that was showing up in Sims all over Second Life called zF RedZone.  This piece of software was allegedly designed to help sim owners detect alts (secondary characters) for … Continue reading

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