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Blizzard Changes Course, Integrates Real Money Trading Into Diablo III

If you’re a hardcore player of World of Warcraft, you know how stringently its parent company, Blizzard, has fought to keep the spectre of real money trading (RMT) from corrupting the game.  Gold farming and power leveling were/are scourges of … Continue reading

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Feeding Virtual Horses Sparks an IP Battle in Second Life

I’m not sure how I missed this story when it first emerged last winter.  A company that designs and sells virtual animals in Second Life is suing a competing animal maker over the IP behind the way the companies make … Continue reading

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In honor of the release of StarcraftII last week, an awesome Lego version.

I had to post a link to this because its just amazing.  The music itself was like a soothing nostalgia blanket.

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Blizzard’s Real ID System: The Aftermath

Real ID is only voluntary for now, but the debate over online identity unification is nowhere near over. A look into why we can’t figure out where to draw the line and what that means for the future of online communities. Continue reading

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Warcraft and Other Blizzard Products to Integrate Facebook

My sister forwarded a link to me the other day about what I think can only be cause for disaster. The two most addictive things on the net are gonna be working together to take over your life. That’s right, … Continue reading

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