Privacy Issues in the Cloud Mirror Those in Virtual Worlds

CNET News – Does the 4th Amendment Cover the Cloud?

As technology continues to race forward, the law slogs along, years or even decades behind.  This article discusses a student note from the recent issue of the Minnesota Law Review which highlights the precarious nature of data on the Internet.   Although information generated by people in virtual worlds is slightly different from the typical cloud applications like email and photo storage, it  is equally in need of a clear framework for how and when it can be accessed by law enforcement.

The current practice of cobbling together metaphors or analogies often creates as many problems (if not more) than it solves.  This issue is particularly important when you consider how much information is generated and captured in the process of operating a given virtual world that many people would consider private if it happened in the real world. Privacy is bound to be one of the standout issues of the next few years, as more and more of our lives are captured by or lived in the Internet.

About Justin Kwong

An attorney in the Twin Cities and adjunct professor at William Mitchell College of Law where I teach a seminar on the law of virtual worlds.
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